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MagIC Academy 2021


MagIC Academy

At MagIC Academy we provide a fun, safe training program for young children ages 4 to 8 in the Inland Empire. Our qualified coaches strive to make your child’s first experience with soccer an unforgettable one. We use games and teachable moments on the field to prepare young children for success in all aspects of their lives! Whether they are making new friends, learning how to dribble the ball, or developing healthy habits, our coaches are here to support your child’s emotional and physical development.


The MagIC Academy is the first stage in our development path, where young children are introduced to the world’s most loved sport in a safe environment. Our coaches are trained in early childhood development on the field, and we focus on high energy activities to make sure they’re having fun! This is where we lay the foundation for healthy habits, important social skills, and a deep love for the sport.


Our programs focus on two areas of your child’s development: physical and emotional. We use games to get your child physically active and practicing gross motor skills, balance, and coordination, while learning the basics of soccer.


By interacting with other young children, our players learn important life skills, like respect, responsibility, teamwork, and confidence. Your child will find joy in the friendly atmosphere, where they are encouraged to socialize with their teammates and participate in cheering each other on!

PREMIER Program:

2x a week practice: $100/ month (reduces per class cost from $25 to $12.25)

Train 2x a week with one of our licensed coaches. Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays. The program includes:

  • 2 practices a week for the month
  • Ability to be promoted to the next step of Magnus Development Pathway (Ask our coach how!)


1x a week practice:  $75/month (reduces per class cost from $25  to $18.75)

Magnus's MagIC Academy is a holistic training program that forms the pillars to support your child’s growth and development. Come tryout the experience, and watch your children flourish on the field!


Please direct questions to:

Keishawn Cordier

Director of Coaches

Phone: 951-850-7567